Mud Treatment


Any 60 min. or more massage with a facial!

Only $20

Feel Better and be Refreshed.

I started this business loving what I do and I still do. Every day I come to work and help people to feel better and leave knowing that they can pick up their child, play that sport they love and just live life to the fullest. Through the use of Ashi we can give some of the deepest tissue massage. We have helped with lower back pain, migraines, carpel tunnel, plantarfasciitis, bringing motion back to people that have frozen shoulder (range of motion) for years and much more! In the 7 years we have grown from 2 therapist to now 7. Kalamazoo is our home and community that we love. Come be apart of our community and let us help you to feel better so you can live better through the use of proven techniques that work. You can feel better!!! We can help!!!

Sarah Lenardson, Owner and LMT